Why Dating First Impressions Need to Be Fast

When you are looking at a date site in St Paul, you may have already have read their advice about your first date. Most date sites suggest that you adapt the traditional modes for communication during the first date; smile nicely, use pleasant eye contact, leave the body odor at home and dress cautiously. Most individuals fail to keep up a false impression after just a few minutes, which is a real shame because most people judge each other within the first few minutes of meeting.

Will There Be a Second Date?

You must work at making the first date a success or it may fail and you might have missed an opportunity that would become wonderful over the next few decades.

Working from a checklist that you keep in your mind, a mild amount of eye contact, without overdoing it, makes you appear interested and not a crazy person.

The smile is important because it also shows that you are listening and participating in genuine communication. Again, too much smiling and your date might be worried that you remind them of Batman’s friend, the Joker. What your date site in St Paul should be telling you, is that it is important to focus on what the other person is saying.

Although communication goes two ways, listening serves two great purposes. First, it shows that you’re interested in what the other person says and second, the information will tell you about the individual, their likes and dislikes.

Listening must be completed with your ears wide open and taking in the information being offered to you. All too often, individuals appear to be listening, but are compiling their next question as a return in the communication game. Failure to listen correctly may cause you to miss salient points that could dramatically affect the relationship later. What if you want kids and they don’t, but you missed that point?

Be Careful with Your Questions

Your first impression will be improved if you ask a reasonable amount of questions and don’t turn the meeting into an interrogation. This also returns you to the skill of listening properly, when you focus on the answers to the questions that you have posed. Even where your meeting is going to be short, it is better to reduce the number of questions, than try and force too much information from the other individual. It is best to remember that they are going to view the start of the meeting and then the rest of the meeting as first impressions, when they describe the event to their friends and family and ask for opinions.

A high-quality date site will ensure that you are matched with the right individual which should help you make a good first impression. Any failures during the first few minutes of the first date will rapidly reduce the opportunity for a second meeting.


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