Two Things You Need To Know About Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor, MI

Many people would like to have whiter teeth, but they may have questions or concerns about having their teeth whitened professionally. They often wonder about the safety of the procedure and how long they’ll have to wait before noticing any results. Individuals can read the following information to learn two important things about having a dentist perform a Zoom Whitening Treatment in Ann Arbor MI.

Teeth Are Whiter Immediately After The Treatment

When patients take advantage of having their teeth whitened by a dentist, the results are visible as soon as the procedure is finished. Many patients have teeth that are up to eight shades lighter than they were before the treatment. The procedure will take about one hour to complete, so it’s a quick way to have whiter teeth with results that last. After preparation and placing the whitening gel on the teeth, the dentist will use a special light to activate the ingredients in the gel. Using this special light is what makes the teeth immediately whiter. Many patients who want their teeth whitened as quickly as possible use this method because it can take weeks to see whiter teeth when using store-purchased teeth whitening kits and the results aren’t as dramatic.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Totally Safe

The active ingredient that’s used in this teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide. As this substance breaks down, the enamel and dentin of each tooth are lightened, and the special light works to lighten the tooth’s surface. The ingredients in the tooth whitening gel are completely safe and don’t cause any harm to the tooth’s structure. During the preparation period, the dentist protects the gums around the teeth to prevent the solution from touching and irritating the area. To safeguard the eyes during the light activation process, patients will wear protective glasses that shield the light from their eyes. Since the tooth whitening is done in a dental office, patients can relax knowing that a professional who specializes in zoom whitening treatment in Ann Arbor MI is performing the procedure.

Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates in Ann Arbor offer Zoom teeth whitening to their patients. Schedule an appointment to safely get whiter teeth and a brighter smile in less than one hour.


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