Four Dating Rules All St. Louis Singles Should Follow

Calling out to all St. Louis Singles—Do you know the dating rules to have a successful date? Perhaps, the reason you are still leading a single life is due to your inability to sift out the bad apples from the good ones. For your next date, you can prepare yourself by ensuring you follow these four rules:

1. What Does You Heart Tell You?

Regardless of you met them, online or offline, you need to talk to them on the phone or go out on date to understand how you feel about them. By having a conversation with them, phone on in-person, you know if you want to go out on a second date with them or not. If they give you a bad vibe, the second date is out of the question. Listen to your heart on this one.

2. Do You See Any Red Flags Waving around Them?

You need to stay alert to the red flags you may sense when you talk to them. An example of a red flag is someone who keeps leaving or talking on the phone. If something does not feel right to you, they are probably not right for you. Ignoring the red flags will just cause you to get hurt.

3. What Type of Behavior Makes You Feel Uncomfortable?

It is not a good idea to go out with a person who treats their waiter like they are not a person. You do not want to date a person who does not see the opposite gender as their equals, but takes every opportunity to bash them. You want someone that exudes chivalry and civility.

4. Do You Often Fall for the “Line, Hook, and Sinker” Technique?

If your date compliments you in some cheesy way, consider walking away or fake playing along. They are not worth your time because they are not looking for a genuine relationship. Walk away from the disaster before it becomes your disaster.

All you local St. Louis Singles, now, that you know the rules, it is time to get out and date!


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