Employee Moving Services for New Orleans Relocation Customers

When your company is moving to a new location, so are your employees, at least those who are staying with the company. The entire process can be exciting because of the new opportunities just around the corner – both for the company and the employees. However, it takes the services of a quality moving company to help ensure your employees experience a smooth transition. This is provided through a service called employee moving. New Orleans companies on the verge of a move can utilize this type of service that helps employees with a number of different services related to their relocations.

Storage Services

A very important component of many moves is the requirement for storage. This is something provided for under the scope of employee moving. New Orleans relocation companies may offer both short and long term storage options for employees relocating with their corporations. Many factors go into the move for an employee and having safe storage to use as needed during and after the actual move can be essential.

Utility and Service Connections

Another service upon which employees may rely is utility connection. Movers that offer employee moving can often take care of such tasks as getting your Internet, phone, electric, gas and television services connected. The moving company itself can handle the process of contacting the service providers and making the arrangements for the connections to be made.

Additional Services

Employee moving covers additional services, including organizing, staging and decluttering. Employees who need their existing homes to be made ready for the marketplace can rely on these services. This can help ensure the home is sold sooner rather than later.

Realtor selection is also provided under the scope of employee moving. From this as well, a home marketing plan can be developed for the employee. Additional services offered to help employees make the transition as smooth as possible include temporary living assistance, mortgage assistance and cash-back- reimbursement on home purchases and home sales.

Therefore, if your company is on the verge of a move, be sure to use a moving agency that offers comprehensive employee moving services to help ensure that your workers experience as seamless a transition as possible.


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