How to Approach a Woman for a Date

Suppose you decide to attend of the best singles events in Boston. You know there will be women there looking for boyfriends and relationships with men. In fact, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to check out potential girlfriends. But what should you say? How should you act? How can you increase your odds for success? These helpful tips may help you get a “yes” response when you ask her out.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Ask her if she would like to spend some time with you. This is the first step in the process and what you should be focusing on. Don’t think about the great fun you are going to have or what the evening might eventually lead to. This is great stuff to fantasize about, but it is simply not the place or time. You need to stay focused and take it one step at a time.

Don’t Be Too Obvious

When you are attending one of the many excellent singles events in Boston, it’s best not to be too obvious with your intentions. You want to ask her for a date, but don’t come out and say, “Would you like to go on a date with me?” Chances are, she has been on some lousy or rotten dates in the past and just the word “date” may conjure up a lot of negative images. Instead, ask her if she would like to have drinks or coffee and that’s about it.

There is no need to go into detail about what you are going to do. Your main goal at this point is to get a “yes” response. Then, if she asks you what you will be doing, you can explain.

Be Definite

Your first date should be focused on you and her and some kind of activity. If you ask her to go to a party with you or hang out with some friends, she might not know your intentions. In fact, she may think you just want to be friends and this is not a good way to start a meaningful relationship with a woman.

Don’t Dress Too Casual

Many singles events in Boston are casual by nature, but this doesn’t mean you should be dressed sloppily. You should consider wearing a shirt with a collar and a nice polo shirt with dress slacks is a good idea. Plus, wear good shoes and not sandals or beat up sneakers. Women appreciate men who care about themselves and dress appropriately.


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