What Kind of Coolant Filter is Best for Metal Working?

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Search Engine Marketing


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The best metal working coolant filter systems utilize special filters in the process of separating contaminants from liquid. This not only cleans coolant but it makes it possible to recycle and use it again. One can save a great deal of money with these methods and also do something good for the environment. However, what kind of filtration system should you use? Let’s discover some of the options to give you a better idea.

Coolant Filter Types

When you check out filter options you’ll find four basic choices:

* Paper
* Bag
* Activated carbon
* Polypropylene

Let’s take a closer look at each option.


Paper is one of the least expensive options. It can absorb a lot of contaminants from coolants. However, paper does not have a long life and needs to be replaced frequently. Once a paper filter becomes dirty it must be disposed of because it cannot be cleaned.

Bag Filters

Coolant is pumped through filtration bags. They are capable of holding a great deal of fluid. Many shops use these systems for heavy duty applications because it is not hard to remove and clean the filtration bags. Because the bag type coolant filter is reusable, the additional cost can be easily recovered over time.

Activated Carbon

By passing liquid through a bed of activated carbon, a great deal of impurities can be removed. Each particle of carbon acts as a sponge as it absorbs and filters out contaminants.


If you want a filtration system to remove particles, polypropylene is a good choice. These filters are made in strings and resemble angel hair pasta and can catch many kinds of particles from liquids. However, polypropylene is not meant to remove chemical contaminants and will not work well for filtering out bacteria.

Choosing the Right Coolant Filter

When choosing the right filtration system, you should take these factors into consideration:

* What do you need to filter? Is it only water or is the water mixed with oil and chemicals?

* How much filtration do you require? This will depend on the size of your operation.

* What size particles are needed to be trapped? Do you need to trap tiny metal particles and also things like bacteria?

* What kind of material is best?

* What kind of filter construction should you use?

* Do you want as little maintenance as possible?

What is your budget?

One of the best overall choices is the bag coolant filter. It has many capabilities and is cost effective in the long run. Talk to your industrial filtration system supplier to discover all the options you have.

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