Searching For Romantic Paris: Try Ile St Louis

It is impossible to read about Paris without reference to it being romantic. This is part of the attraction of the city. Whether you are a loving couple or romantic at heart, you may find an apartment for rent in Ile St Louis to offer that grand starry-eyed experience. Connected to Il du Cité by the Pont St. Louis, it is a small village within the heart of the city of Paris.

Quiet Today

Originally known as the Ile des Vaches (island of cows), this area was a combination of wetlands and pasture. Cows grazed here, interrupted only by duels. In the 17th century, this all changed. Louis XIII was persuaded this was the ideal place to construct residences for the wealthy. Developers under Christopher Marie, than took the property and began to construct one of the city have first planned urban communities.

Narrow streets and large mansions turned to face the river Seine displaced the cows but did not entirely remove the pastoral feel of the tiny island. Today, it is still a sanctuary for today’s moneyed class. Doctors, heiresses and actresses make their home in this, one of the city’s most unaffected 17th and 18th century neighborhoods.

What to Visit

If you find an apartment for rent on the Ile St. Louis, do not prepare yourself for noise, wild parties and crowded streets. The island has little of these to recommend itself. Instead, it provides quiet and tranquility. It also offers you the chance to enjoy some of the city’s best food along Rue St Louis. By walking this small island, you can wine, dine and window shop, knowing a few more steps will take you home.

There is a small museum on the island for the Romantic Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz and some interesting architecture, including the dragons on #51 and #54 Rue St. Louis. Yet, if you want excitement, remember this. This little island is a bridge away from some of the most renowned sights and sites in Paris. It, therefore, becomes the ideal base for day (or night) trips to Marais on the Right Bank and the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank. Make the crossing and you can walk with ease along tree-lined quays to marvel at the wonders of:

* Notre Dame
* Sainte Chapelle
* The Louvre Museum
* The Pompidou Centre
* Hotel Dieu

You can also visit the very popular Marché aux Fleurs Rein Elizabeth II on Ile de Cité.

Apartment for Rent in Ile St Louis

If you are planning to come to Paris and the accommodation you stay in to be a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city, consider carefully what apartment will best suit you and your needs best. After carefully looking at your options, you could do far worse than to take an apartment for rent in the “Village within the city” – Ile St Louis.


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