Will My Cartons Work with an Automatic Packing Machine?

Many artisan food companies use very specific packaging for their products. This packaging may be chosen because of its unique look, or may simply be chosen because it is what protects and preserves the product best. This need or desire for unique packaging may cause the company to reject automated packaging solutions out of fear that it will cause them to have to change their current packaging.

However, if you choose the right automation vendor, you should have no issue with continuing to use your current packaging even while using an automatic packing machine.

Today’s vendors offer a wide range of options in automatic packing machines. These offer manufacturers the opportunity to package their products in the most efficient way for the particular type of food and to be able to use the packaging that suits them best, as well.

There are also choices in automatic packing machines to help you work within the space available in your facility. There are machines that work very well within small footprints, without creating a space problem. The right vendor has enough alternatives available to ensure you can get a machine that works within all your business requirements.

As an artisan food provider, it’s likely that you want to maintain the appearance of being a small company, even as you gain customers and market share. This desire, however, doesn’t preclude you from growing your business into an efficient and high producing food company. The right automatic packing machine can help you increase production easily and quickly.
And, when you have the right machine in place, you don’t have to compromise your preferred packaging or your artisan feel. This gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to running your business and maintaining your image.


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