Practitioners of Family Law in Brainerd MN Help Divorcing Spouses Work Out Agreements During Mediation

Practitioners of Family Law in Brainerd MN can help two people who want to get divorced reach agreements about some contentious issues, even if they cannot stand to be in the same room together. Each spouse is represented by his or her own legal counsel, and the negotiations are accomplished during mediation sessions. The spouses do not have to see each other or communicate directly.

Advantages of Avoiding Court

Several sessions may be necessary to resolve some of the thornier points, but this usually is still less expensive than going to trial. In addition, it can be risky taking the divorce to court and allowing a judge to arbitrarily make decisions about important life issues. With mediation arranged by practitioners of Family Law in Brainerd MN, the chance to hammer out compromises has the potential to let both individuals feel satisfied.

Parental Issues

Parents of young children may not be able to agree on a shared custody schedule or even whether there should be shared physical custody. One parent may want to move out of town or even out of state and take the kids along. There may be ongoing battles about whether the children should attend parochial school and whether a child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should start taking medication. These sorts of issues can gradually come to resolution through mediation.

Division of Property

The divorcing spouses know they need to divide their assets evenly, but they may have trouble deciding what to do about certain types of property. One person might truly love the vacation cottage they own but be unable to afford to pay the other person for half. Situations involving real estate can be complex, and mediation sessions offer an opportunity to figure out possibilities.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is another issue that may be causing problems for these two individuals. If one spouse left the workforce to raise children for a number of years, this person might ask for support payments until he or she can find a full-time job that will pay a living wage. Visit Borden Steinbauer Krueger & Knudson P.A. to find contact information and ask about mediation sessions.


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