Unique Food Packaging Design for Shelf Appeal

by | Jun 2, 2017 | Packaging


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When introducing a new food product to the market, it’s important to ensure it gets noticed on the shelves. Of course, you will have many marketing efforts in place to create market awareness, but a great package will help you get customers who are simply shopping in the grocery.

Great food packaging helps gain both customers who have heard of your product and those who have not. Customers who have seen your ads will see the product package and then recall having heard the name, as well. Customers who have never heard of your product will still notice the unique food packaging design.

Food packaging must have substance as well as style, however. It is important that packaging protects food and keep it fresh, as well as make the food easy to store for the consumer. In addition, packaging should be easily reclosed where needed.

Because of the complexities required to create perfect packaging, it’s a good idea to consult with a food packaging design expert. Many companies that create food packaging have designers on staff who can work with you to create the perfect packaging for your product. Using their design expertise and your knowledge of what your product needs to stay safe and consumer friendly, you can create a package that will be both functional and make a visual statement.

It’s important to create a great package design before your product hits the market since you don’t want to change your design down the road, as this makes it difficult for consumers to identify your product. So, take the time to work with a food packaging design team before product release to ensure the perfect packaging, providing both ideal storage and freshness capabilities with a unique look that sure to capture the attention of shoppers.

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