Four Little-Known Reasons to Install LED Lighting in Your Facility

Most people understand that LED light is more energy-efficient than standard lighting and even more efficient than fluorescent fixtures. They also know that the bulbs last longer than typical light bulbs. However, LED lighting offers many benefits and some of them you may not be aware of. Here are some little-known features you may wish to consider when it’s time to upgrade or install new light fixtures for your business.

1. Instant Light

If your facility has fluorescent ceiling lights, you may have dim lighting when the lights first come on. For example, as soon as you flip the switch, you might have to wait several minutes for the lights to warm up and give you maximum illumination. In some cases, this may not be a big deal, but if your facility has signal lights, you need the “instant on” power of LED lighting.

2. Eliminate Problems with Frequent Switching

Some lights come on and stay on all day, and there are no issues with switching. However, in some facilities, your lights may need to be switched on and off many times during the day. With standard light bulbs, constant switching can reduce the life of the bulbs, and you’ll be changing them faster than you should. However, switching doesn’t affect LED bulbs, so they are best for this kind of use.

3. Short-Term Costs

LED fixtures and bulbs cost more than standard and fluorescent bulbs. In the past, it took time to recoup your investment. However, costs are coming down on LED lighting, giving you better short-term costs than before.

4. Noise Issues

The constant humming or buzzing of fluorescent lights can be annoying to your workers and can reduce productivity. LED lighting is quiet, and people may study or work without distractions. This helps to increase office efficiency.


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