Why Most Pool Deck Lighting Products Use LED

LED is making its way as the dominate lighting solution in most households. As you might expect, LED lighting is very popular amongst pool deck lighting installations. LED is cost effective and offers a unique, seamless type of light that illuminates your pool at night. Both the exterior and the interior of the pool may be lighted using LED bulbs.

What Makes LED So Special?

The most attractive aspect for many is the fact that LED bulbs last a very long time. If bulbs are manufactured well and receive frequent maintenance, these bulbs can last for several years before needing a replacement. These bulbs can also come in tinier packages, meaning it can be applied to more complex lighting situations that have limited space.

Your electric bill will be saved since LED bulbs, in general, will save over 75% in electricity usage. Since pool lighting is a relatively non-essential function, the savings are very much appropriate for this type of application. The drawback is that LED lights may not be as bright, but the difference is negligible at night time.

A Colorful Light Show

Just like Christmas tree lights, LED lights come in a wide variety of colors not seen in traditional light bulb solutions. LED also has the benefit of being able to change colors with a single bulb, meaning that you could put on a light show. With IoT technology, you may also implement automatic color changing that will make your pool deck lighting installation seem out of this world.

Hopefully the above will have convinced you to ditch more power hogging lighting for your pool deck. LED is much more fun and it will help save the planet. Follow the wave of the future and jump aboard the LED train!


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