Lasers Used For Precise Vibration Analysis In San Antonio

As any reasonable person can ascertain, complex production machines with complex rotary parts must be properly aligned in order to produce parts according to specification and meeting quality standards. For this reason, technical service companies involved with machine vibration analysis in San Antonio as well as in many other metro areas use the latest state-of-the-art equipment like lasers to perform the work. Laser alignment has become the preferred method for conducting machine maintenance inspections and calibration because of its far greater accuracy compared to other measurement methods.

Lasers can read with an accuracy in microns and thus produce precise measurements eliminating any element of guesswork. The immediate benefit of laser alignment is to reduce radically the downtimes for industrial machines during a maintenance inspection. Readings can be taken and the results evaluated by computer within hours rather than days. Calibrating to within all ISO 9000 standards is also significantly reduced. Not only is accuracy in measurement guaranteed and maintenance times greatly reduced, precision maintenance eliminates problems ahead of time. Parts with minor defects can be removed before further damage can be wrought by a machine going into defective operation. This saves not only repair time and lost production time, but money is saved through preventing damage to critical parts. This greatly increases the service life of production and tooling machines and by extension increases productivity and profit, and that is most important when it comes to the bottom line.

A good laser alignment system can produce instantaneous measurements within the deviation of two axes of motion. This analysis, performed by the control computer in real time, enables the technician to perform dynamic monitoring and adjustment while the machine is undergoing its test operation. Also, the margins of error which had to be accepted using analog methods of measurement and calculation are eliminated, particularly when simultaneous measurement with multiple targets is performed. The real-time analysis allows for all position data received from the laser feedback to be monitored, stored, and sorted on-site, with previous readouts immediately available for comparison analysis.

Get more information here to find out how laser alignment systems work and how they are employed for maintenance inspections. Precision Vibration Analysis in San Antonio has become a valuable asset for industrial operations to take advantage of. Call and arrange for an inspection appointment today.


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