What To Know About Electrical HVAC Repair In Atlanta

Regardless of the age, type or model of HVAC system in an Atlanta home, there are electrical components used to control the motor, fan, and blower. In the air conditioner the condenser and in the furnace the heating components will all be controlled by electrical signals from the thermostat.

It is not uncommon for issues to occur in the electrical components. As these systems are essential for the operation of the air conditioning unit or the furnace, calling in an HVAC repair service will need to be a priority to avoid any loss of heating or cooling ability.

Fans and Blowers

Both furnaces and air conditioners rely on fans and blowers to circulate hot and cold air throughout the ducts. When there is an electrical issue with the motors to the fan or blower units, there is limited to no heated or cooled air circulating through the ducts.

When the system continues to run, and the motor is not engaging the fan or blower, internal components in the system can become overheated. This can result in a much larger HVAC repair bill. At the first sign of diminished air flow or any registers or vents not distributing hot or cold air, call in your repair service. Replacing a wire or a connector is much less costly than replacing the motor or other components.

Breaker Problems

If the breaker for the HVAC system is constantly tripping, it will be important to call a top HVAC repair service. This may be a simple issue with a short in a wire, which can be caused by a wire rubbing from vibration and making contact with a part or component.

It is essential from a safety standpoint to always call in an Atlanta repair service and not to attempt any do-it-yourself electrical repairs on an HVAC system. Not only is the risk of electrical shock a factor, but mistakes can lead to even more significant repairs if sensitive electronic components are not wired correctly.


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