About Servicing Contracts for Air Conditioning in Arlington Heights, IL

Many factors play a role in an air conditioner’s efficiency and longevity. But routine maintenance goes a long way, which is why many HVAC companies offer service contracts for air conditioning in Arlington Heights, IL. Keep reading to learn more about what happens during a typical service call.

Cleaning and Lubrication

AC units work best when their mechanical parts aren’t tight and clunky. That’s why a significant focus during AC servicing involves cleaning and lubricating all moving parts on the unit. Doing this ensures the unit runs smoothly and doesn’t break down from working too hard.

Airflow Inspection

During servicing, technicians also test the unit’s airflow function. The system is checked for blocked airflow, blower issues, and leaky ductwork. The technician will note any problems and make minor adjustments if necessary. In some cases, the unit might need more extensive repairs. The technician will review repair options and cost if required before proceeding. Indoor Air Cleaners can be helpful too.

Condensate Drain Cleaning

Another part of the AC unit that technicians inspect is the condensate drain. This drain is susceptible to clogging, especially during the spring and fall when the unit isn’t used as often. It’s easy for mold and other debris to build up in the drain. If the condensate drain is clogged, the technician will drain it as part of the AC servicing.

Overall, when one opts for professional servicing for their air conditioning in Arlington Heights, IL, they can expect the technician to complete a thorough exam of the cooling system. For more information about service contracts, contact Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corporation – Libertyville online at

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