Unique Restaurant Murals in Boca Raton, FL

Murals are bold and creative ways to attract customers to a business. The location stands out from the competition, it increases the exposure of the business, and the look is stunning. Murals can also be expensive. An artist needs to be hired, a concept needs to be developed, and the materials must be purchased. Depending on the type of paint used, the business will have to be closed for a few days.


Since most restaurants close within the first year of opening, unless the artist is a friend and will donate time and talent, many owners cannot spare that expense prior to opening. Closing the restaurant down for even a few days in those early stages can be detrimental to business. There is one way to include both exterior and interior restaurant murals in Boca Raton FL without spending a significant amount of money.

Revisit Wallpaper

Restaurant owners who think wallpaper is for art museums and casinos need to revisit trends in wallpaper today. Wallpaper now available is not your grandmother’s style of wallpaper. The variety of colors, designs, and textures used in modern wallpapers is worth serious consideration. Cork, textiles, fabric, wood, mica, grass-cloth, and vinyl are used to create intricate patterns, bold statements, and subtle elegance. Custom wallpaper is even an option for restaurant murals in Boca Raton FL.


While innovative and unique products tend to be expensive, costs can be controlled by how items are sold. Wallpaper is sold by the square foot to accommodate any need, scope, and creative inspiration. Affordable pricing, ideas for mixing and matching designs, and a six-thousand-square-foot showroom make finding and purchasing wallpaper to make a space stand out easy and fun. Home and business owners, as well as interior designers, are invited to visit Website Domain for details, hours of operation, and examples of finished spaces.

Discover a Wow Factor

Seeing all the wallpaper in stock will inspire people to envision their spaces differently. That light peach paint in the dining area will pop when a few feet of antique white scrolls as a midline border. The bright vegetable motif paper will be a great replacement for that dull pale laminate that surrounds the salad bar. Create themes in booth spaces with a splash of color or a panel of a city skyline. Do something different to liven up the decor.


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