How to Keep Your Grand Piano in Tune

As you explore the opportunity to purchase a new grand piano in Florida you can discuss how to keep your piano in tune with the experts and professionals who understand all there is to know about pianos. What great tips can they offer you?

Understanding the Stability of Tuning A Piano

While you may employ a piano tuning expert to visit your church or location from time to time, when you understand why your grand piano in Florida may go out of tune, it may be easier to keep it in tune.

Changes in humidity affect the tuning of your instrument more than any other cause. Wood and metal expand and contract due to the changes in the humidity and temperature where your piano rests. This shrinking and swelling takes the strings out of the perfect position, even slightly, and this takes the piano out of tune.

When a piano is moved from the store to your church, it inevitably goes out of tune because of the different locations and the changes in humidity.

As you play the piano more and more, as the hammers hit the strings, this may also take the piano out of tune. The more a piano is played, then the quicker it may go out of tune.

When your piano is located within your church, it will probably remain in one position most of the time. If it is regularly moved to another location, tuning your piano may be required more often.

Taking the advice of the experts who introduced you to your grand piano in Florida. They understand your location and the changes in humidity. They can offer their piano technician to regularly visit your church to tune the piano.

They may notice when your grand piano in Florida requires servicing. Whether an expensive new model or a modest used variety, your piano still requires tuning and servicing at regular intervals.

Your piano is a great investment and to benefit the most it should be kept in tune, so your pianist and your congregation can enjoy the music within your church.


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