What to Know about Blade Free LASIK Surgery

When it comes to LASIK options, you can choose between blade free LASIK surgery or what is technically known as IntraLase. Another option, which is the microkeratome, uses a blade. Not sure which one to go for? Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Talk to your doctor

Consult with your doctor about both options. Your doctor won’t choose for you. You will have to decide which procedure is more comfortable and which one will provide you with the best results. Ask your doctor about both so you have a solid understanding of what to expect from each one.

Know the risks

Don’t choose one over the other without fully understanding the risks you will be taking on during the procedure. Determine the risks involved, the scope of the treatment and possible side-effects and complications you might face after the surgery. You’ll cope better when you’re fully prepared for whatever might happen.

Take the tests

Before you can undergo a blade free LASIK or one that uses blades, you will need to take a lot of tests and medical exams. These are necessary, as your doctor will need to determine if you qualify for the procedure or not. For instance, patients who are younger than 18 years of age, have difficulty lying still, pregnant or have corneas that are much too thin will not be allowed to undergo either procedure.

Prepare for the procedure

If you do receive the go-ahead signal from your doctor, take steps to prepare yourself for the procedure. Taking any medication? Even if these are just supplements, your doctor might advise you to stop taking them a few days before and after the surgery, Healthline. You might also want to clean your house so you can come home to a dust-free environment. For a more detailed list of instructions, ask your doctor.


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