Choose the Right Jewish Matchmaker

If you’re ready to take your search for a potential partner to the next level, a matchmaker might just be what you need. But while there are plenty of them out there, not all of them will be the right one for you. Here’s how to choose the right Jewish matchmaker:


The last thing you want is to get advice from an amateur matchmaker trying to earn her chops. Look for a dating service that employs matchmakers with plenty of years and experience. That way, you know you’re dealing with someone who knows what she’s talking about.


Finding a matchmaker is also a bit like finding a potential love interest. You’ll have to factor in the compatibility. Are you a good match? For instance, do you feel at ease and comfortable with your matchmaker or do you feel like your matchmaker is being disrespectful or snide? If your matchmaker focuses more on appearances with your matches when you want connection and personality, then you might be better off looking for a different Jewish matchmaker.


Does your matchmaker remind you to be yourself or to embellish on who you are? Being yourself is a tried and tested dating advice, says Forward. If your matchmaker is telling you otherwise, that’s a sign that you might want to look for other matchmaking services. Consider hiring ones that have a reputation for being credible and trustworthy.


Dating should be fun as well. That’s why a good matchmaker will do her best to pair you up matches who have something in common with you, whether it’s the same hobby, university, or love for sports or travel. That common ground should give you and your date enough of a good, fun place to start. Smile, strike up a conversation and go from there.


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