LASIK Doctors in Jacksonville Offer Beneficial Vision Improvement

Many individuals have difficulties with their vision that can be due to a number of reasons. Some will have genetic related issues and others will have certain mars and defects on the surface of their eyeballs. Now, LASIK doctors in Jacksonville offer beneficial laser procedures that can improve vision for many who meet the patient criteria.

How LASIK Works & Who Are the Best Candidates for the Procedure?

This procedure is done usually with a local pain-relieving eye drop and a mild sedative to keep patients comfortable. During this procedure, a highly trained eye surgeon carefully makes a precise incision on the transparent cornea making a flap. Then, the surgeon will use the laser to very carefully reshaping the surface of the cornea. It decreases and repairs previous vision refractory problems. Good candidates are at least age 18 to 40 and sometimes older. This doesn’t work on presbyopia – near vision loss due to aging.

What Happens if a Patient Blinks or Sneezes During LASIK

Although the patient remains awake, the numbing eye-drop prevents any discomfort, and the mild sedative is enough to make the patient feel drowsy and very comfortable. The eye is held open during the procedure. If even slight movement is sensed, the laser stops automatically and resumes when movement subsides.

Where to Find LASIK Doctors?

There are some terrific and skilled LASIK doctors with a Jacksonville practice ready to answer any questions or schedule an appointment. Contact Maida Custom Vision online at


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