Signs That It is Time to See a Retina Specialist in Jacksonville, FL

As you get older, you can lose your ability to see well. You may start to lose focus of your central vision. You also may not be able to see the TV at home or street signs when you drive.

When you want to protect your vision and avoid losing it entirely, you need to know when to see an eye specialist. These signs indicate that it is time to visit an experienced retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL, today.

Black Spots and Frequent Floaters

If you begin to see black spots or a larger number of floaters in your line of vision, it is critical that you see one of these specialists. These signs indicate that your retinas may become detached from the back of your eyeballs. The detachment causes you to see spots and floaters.
To overcome them, you may need to submit to eye surgery. The surgery will involve attaching the retinas to the back wall of your eyes. It can also involve removing the floating tissue in your line of sight.

Loss of Central Vision

The loss of central vision can also indicate that your retinas need to be operated on. Blurry central vision can cause serious obstacles to tasks like driving or reading. You can get your vision corrected by undergoing treatment for your damaged retinas.

These signs tell you that you need to see a retina specialist in Jacksonville, FL. Contact Florida Eye Specialists – Southside at


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