UV Printer Equipment Overview

If you want to stay current with digital printing services, you will be interested in UV printing equipment. This form of printing uses ultraviolet light to dry the ink when it is being printed. As the printer disburses the ink on a surface, the UV lights cure or dry the ink automatically. Therefore, this is a desirable printer to choose if you want to update to digital.

Types of UV Printers

When choosing UV printer equipment, you need to consider the type of printer you will be using. This type of printer can be used in the form of a flatbed printer, or it can be used as an LED printer. UV printing technology enables users to enjoy direct printing on a number of 3D media, permitting quick and simple customization. The UV ink is printed directly onto a surface. When this happens, the UV lights transform the liquid to a solid.

An Increasing Trend

UV printer equipment, in turn, is an increasing trend in the printing field today. It is being used to replace traditional screen printing equipment as well as applications that require pad printing. Therefore, this form of equipment is not only innovative, it offers a more streamlined way to print.

No Solvent is Applied

UV printer equipment is considered safer, as no solvent is used that can release VOCs or volatile organic compounds. Instead, a photomechanical process is employed. As a result, when you use this type of equipment, you are using a cleaner and safer application. No unhealthy emissions are released into the air. Also, solvents are not needed to clean everything up.

If you wish to learn more about UV printer equipment, you should go online and review the various printing applications using this type of machine. Doing so can give you a better idea of what to expect when you make this type of printer your main printing machine. What is great about this type of printer is that it only involves two steps. You simply add a photographic quality design and print it directly onto any surface. You never have to wait for the ink to dry.


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