Advantages of Using 5-Axis Water Jet Cutters in Your Shop

When your shop depends on cutting machines for precision manufacturing, milling, or parts fabrication, the quality of the machine impacts your profitability. If you currently use a 3-axis water jet or a laser cutter, you should explore the advantages of switching to a 5-axis industrial water jet.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

A 5-axis water jet cutter increases productivity by eliminating the need to transfer parts between multiple machines or workstations. With the ability to process five sides, setup is also easier and faster.

You may also increase the speed of production as the cutting process is faster with a 5-axis water jet. These details help reduce material handling and preparation, resulting in a shorter turnaround time for your orders.

Fabricate Complex Parts for Your Customers

Using a 5-axis water jet, you increase your ability to cut complex parts. With 5-axis machining, the water jet utilizes two rotational axes and three linear axes for more versatility. This makes it easier to plan the cutting of complicated plans provided by your customers, further reducing the time needed to prepare the parts for cutting.

You can provide a greater range of applications with 5-axis cutting. From automotive supplies to parts for the medical field, you are more likely to be able to meet the demands of your customers.

Improve the Accuracy of Your Machining

The additional rotational axes allow for greater precision. Contours and bevels are perfectly cut into the metal surface with greater accuracy. Improving the accuracy of your cutting also helps reduce waste from improperly-cut pieces.

Industrial water jet cutters offer several advantages over laser cutting, including more precision and no heat. A 5-axis water jet enhances these benefits when compared to a 3-axis machine. Consider upgrading to a 5-axis machine to improve your productivity, accuracy, and ability to cut complex parts.


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