Common Myths About Fitness in Lebanon, NJ

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Fitness Training Center


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If you were serious about fitness in Lebanon, NJ, then you have probably already started to hear different bits of advice and “truths” about getting in shape from your friends, family, and coworkers. It seems as though everyone has advice even though they might not be in the best shape themselves. It also means that if you aren’t careful, you might end up believing some of those myths. The goal here is to debunk the myths, so you can understand what it will take to get fit.

Myth #1: Exercise Is All You Need

Here is a myth that some people buy into because they want to believe it. They want to believe that as long as they exercise, they can eat whatever they want and stay healthy. That is not the case, though. The food that you put into your body is fuel, and if you are using poor quality fuel, it is going to show. Always make sure you are eating right.

Myth #2: Spot Reduction Works

Another common myth says that you can reduce fat in a certain part of the body by exercising that part. For example, some mistakenly believe that to lose belly fat they need to do crunches. That’s not true. When you lose weight, it comes off from all over the body, not just one area.

Myth #3: You Need the Right Equipment

Many people spend an inordinate amount of money trying to find a gym that has all of the “right” equipment or by buying it for their home. That’s not needed! You can get great workouts without using all of that equipment.

By now, you’ve seen some of the most common fitness myths and have seen how they are not true. If you are serious about your fitness in Lebanon, NJ, you are going to need to make sure that you are eating right and that you have a quality fitness program. Take some time to check out what THE MAX Challenge of Clinton has to offer. This is a 10-week program that can be tailored to anyone’s fitness level, and you can continue to improve on the program and take it again with more challenges along the way.

The trainers can provide you with not only great exercises that incorporate cardio and strength training, but also motivation and help with your nutrition. It is a fantastic option for many looking to get into better shape.

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