Carve, Cut, or Engrave with an Industrial Laser Wood Cutting Machine

Laser cutting offers customers a quick, and easy solution to what would otherwise be a difficult, tedious,, and potentially dangerous job with mechanical equipment.

It is also true that cutting with lasers is much cleaner, and more precise than traditional forms of woodworking, making it the optimal choice for intricate design work, and small project carving.

How Laser Wood Cutters Work

Basically, the wood cutting machine uses lasers to heat concentrated areas of the material (your design) to extreme heats, essentially evaporating the wood in the process.

This method eliminates issues of wood shavings,, and because the heat contact is so precise, and intense, you won’t find burn marks or inconsistencies.

Why Choose a Laser Cutter?

Wood cutting machines carve out your design in a way that only a machine could do.

The carve is exact, and free of blemishes, and can be repeated over, and over without failures, meaning that if you are developing a product to sell, all copies are identical.

For personal crafting projects, wood cutting machines etch designs, graphics, patterns,, and texts into almost anything you can think of. Personalized wooden tools, and decorations make excellent potential gifts,, and the customization opportunities are essentially endless.

What Kind of Wood Can Be Cut?

Most hardwoods, and softwoods can be cut with a wood cutting machine, including plywood. Softer woods put less strain on the machine by requiring less heat.

Typically, different kinds of woods require different settings on the machine so if you have any questions regarding the type of wood that you wish to cut, simply ask your laser cutting company for more information.

You won’t get this kind of precision anywhere else so bring your design to life, and create beautiful one-of-a-kind wooden crafts with laser cutting machines.


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