Using Tear Drop Flags In An Upcoming Marketing Campaign

When it comes to using flags for marketing and advertising, something a bit out of the ordinary is always eye-catching and draws attention. Traditional types of flags and banner certainly can have this effect, but for line of site types of applications, it is hard to beat the power of the teardrop flag.

Teardrop and Feather Flags

The teardrop flag is often confused with the feather flag, but they are very different in their shape. The classic teardrop shape has a wider, rounded top that tapers down to a point. The shape is an inverted teardrop, with the pole forming one side of the teardrop from the point to the other side of the rounded part of the flag.

This design allows the teardrop shape to remain open to display the images and text on the flag. However, there is a movement that makes these flags easy to see and naturally draws the eye.

Feather flags are rectangular in shape rather than the teardrop. They have slightly less space for large for text and images as they don’t have the extended top width to the design.

Ideas for Use

With the streamlined design of the teardrop flag, they are ideal to use along walkways or at the entrance of a store, office or building. With a variety of stands including those that can be driven into the ground or weighted stands, they are safe to use even where there will be foot or road traffic.

When used to create a border on a property they make a striking presentation. Alternating colors or images on the flags can create a visual story that will make a unique advertising and marketing campaign. As they can be used for many different applications including sales, promotional events and even store or business openings, these are a versatile marketing option for any company to consider.

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