Acquiring Custom T-Shirts in Bulk for Your Corona, CA, Company or Event

Quick! What’s the fastest way to create dozens of custom shirts for your company or major event? Why, it’s screen printing, of course! Screen printing rapidly prints t-shirts and other wearables in bulk, all with the same designs, wording, and colors you want. If you are looking for screen printing in Corona, CA, here is what you can expect from the process.

Choose the Color of Shirt

First, select the color of the shirt on which you want the screen-printing company to print your chosen design. Black and white are the most obvious choices because they will show the colors and design best. If you want another color of the shirt or a different sort of “wearable,” consult with the printers at your chosen company for screen printing in Corona, CA, to see which colors will still work with your design, and which colors are definitely not going to look right.

Choose a Design With up to Eight Colors

You can choose a design with as many colors as you want, but you should keep in mind that each added color printed raises the cost of the products you want. Most companies and event sponsors opt for four colors since it keeps the costs low and aids in the faster production of the printed products desired. Black is always the outline of your design, but smaller filled-in areas of black are okay. Primary colors are common, but you can have more intermediate and complex colors too. A good company to start with is Engrave ‘N Embroider things.


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