3 Reasons To Buy A Used HPLC Rather Than New

In most laboratories and testing facilities, the high-pressure liquid chromatography system is going to be front and center as part of critical and in-demand testing equipment. As this is a major purchase for a lab, making the choice to buy a used HPLC is often the smartest decision without any downside to the decision.

As with any equipment, it will be important to limit your consideration of options for the used HPLC to reputable used analytical equipment dealers. Don’t make the mistake of buying online through an auction or “for sale by owner” website and avoid buying from used equipment services without a proven track record of quality equipment.

Purchasing through a reputable dealer will ensure quality equipment at up to half off or more of the new price. There will also be at least three other reasons why this is the best decision.

More Equipment for Your Money

Through the choice of a used model over a new HPLC it is possible for a lab to upgrade to a system that allows for greater testing capacity or with additional features and functions over a basic new model.

This ability to upgrade to a more advanced system that offers greater flexibility and testing capacity should be a first priority consideration.

Options in Technology

New models of used HPLC may offer a range of different technologies that will benefit your lab. Modular systems are very popular and allow for customized configuration of testing options over time and with the addition of new modules.

Self-contained systems are intuitive to use and can be integrated with most existing lab software and systems. Both options can maximize testing abilities while also increasing efficiency.

The third important factor is the ability to resell your existing equipment. This can assist in further offsetting the cost of the used equipment purchase. It will also eliminate the need to try to sell your HPLC system on your own.


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