Finding Quality Discount Ink

When you hear the word “discount,” your wallet is happy. Though, your mind might be worried. There is typically a reason why something is discounted, and you want to make sure it’s not a bad reason. When it comes to printing, you want quality ink. Ink is expensive, so you’re open to a discount, but what is the cost? Here are some tips for finding good quality discount ink cartridges.

Online Reviews

Looking for reviews online of the company you’re buying from is a great first step towards finding reputable ink. Try to find reviews from people printing for the same purpose as you. Are they printing office documents, or photographs? The best reviews are from people using the same type of printer as you for the same purpose.


Do any other offices or homes in your area buy discounted ink? Ask around and see what other professionals, family members, and friends are doing for their ink. You want to find others who have had good experiences with a company’s discount ink, because then you can know it’s quality ink. Ask them to print something for you if you can, so you can further assess the ink.

Test it Out

When you think you’ve found a company you can trust, test out their ink. You might want to test out a cartridge on a relatively cheap printer before putting it in your expensive office printer, just to be sure it doesn’t damage the machine in any way. Testing it yourself is the only way to know for sure whether or not you like it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it again. See if there is any refund available and leave a review to help the next buyer decide.

Printing is expensive, but discounted ink surely helps. There’s always a risk in buying discounted products. However, with a little research and trial, you can find a discount ink that works for your printer.

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