Understanding Your Options in Permanent Makeup

by | May 15, 2018 | Skin Care


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For tens of thousands of years, makeup has been applied to enhance beauty, boost self-confidence, and change our appearance. Today is not different, although we have access to significantly advanced procedures, including permanent makeup. Whether you’ve undergone a mastectomy procedure and are considering a nipple tattoo, or you simply want perfect eyebrows every second and are thinking about permanent eyebrows, JMarie Skin Studio can help.

Understanding Nipple Tattoo Techniques and Technology

When most people think of permanent makeup, they picture eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, lip liner and the like. However, thanks to advanced technology and specialized training and knowledge, JMarie Skin Studio can help those who’ve undergone mastectomy surgeries rebuild their self-confidence and improve their quality of life. Using 3D techniques and advanced equipment, our specialists are able to recreate areolas and nipples with stunning realism. Micro pigmentation and advanced shadowing techniques are able to create the illusion of a real, projecting nipple on smooth skin, allowing you the confidence you deserve.

Permanent Eyebrows and More

At JMarie Skin Studio, in addition to nipple tattoo techniques, we can also offer permanent eyebrows through a process called eyebrow micro blading. This is not the same thing as older style eyebrow tattooing, though. It’s a semi-permanent solution that is ideal for patients with thin or thinning eyebrows that need to be thickened up, or recreated completely. Individuals with alopecia and other hair-growth related challenges find that this procedure helps them recreate realistic eyebrows, complete with fine lines that perfectly mimic actual hair. Note that there is no damage done to remaining hair in the eyebrow during this process. In addition, we also offer eyelash base enhancement, lip liner and lip tinting, and permanent eyeliner application, as well.

Finding the Right Solution

While you may find any number of clinics offering eyebrow tattooing and other options, it is vital that you work with a reputable clinic. At JMarie Skin Studio, we have years of experience, in-depth specialized training, and advanced equipment at our disposal. We can also offer a customized treatment plan to suit your unique challenges and goals. Overall skin treatment options can include injectables, permanent makeup services, body treatments, facial rejuvenation, and a great deal more. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you regain your self-confidence and quality of life.

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