Understanding the Benefits of Ceramide Serum Skin Care Products

When consumers look for products to enhance their facial skin health, they might find recommendations for ceramide serum. Ceramides are lipids containing fatty acids and an amino alcohol. Although the words acid and alcohol may sound disconcerting, these particular substances are beneficial for moisturization.

Ceramides occur naturally in skin. They lock in moisture by creating a barrier. The lipids also protect against impurities in the air. Not everyone produces enough ceramide for optimum effects, so applying a high-quality ceramide serum helps prevent dry, irritated skin.

Serums are composed of liquid or a thin gel. They do not directly moisturize but instead help hold in moisture. In addition, serums are useful for delivering ingredients of beneficial products directly into the skin. The components go beneath the surface, where they have protective and healing effects. For these reasons, many people like to apply serum before adding a moisturizer.

The body tends to produce smaller amounts of ceramide with increasing age. This is particularly true for women after menopause. Dry skin may detract from one’s appearance and also makes a person look older. The skin does not have its youthful supple smoothness. Also, dryness makes lines and wrinkles more noticeable.

Applying lotion alone may not be enough to maintain hydration for many hours. Creams are stronger, but also are thicker and can be oilier. People generally don’t use this type of product when they will be out and about.

Serum products containing ceramides are available from Sonia Roselli Beauty, which provides more information at the website www.soniaroselli.com.


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