4 Reasons Mayflower Judgments is Your Go-To for Buying Your Real Estate Judgment

For more than three decades, Mayflower Judgments has been buying real estate judgments, otherwise called a judgment lien on real estate, to help those who are owed money get the cash they need right away. Why should you choose us to handle judgment liens against personal property in the case of divorce, civil, and deficiency judgments? Here are four reasons:

1. You can avoid all the red tape.

At Mayflower Judgments, we have developed our own fast and easy process for buying the lien that you hold against a debtor. You don’t have to worry about yet another court date, more lawyers, more paperwork, or more headaches – you simply sell us the judgment, and we take over the work of attempting to get the debt paid back to us. In the meantime, you walk away with cash in hand.

2. You’ll get professional service – at no cost.

We don’t take a fee out of the lien that is owed to you, and we don’t charge you for our services. In our eyes, you have something valuable, and we’re buying it from you for what it’s worth. You’ll get the full amount that you are owed. There are no lawyer fees to worry about to get what you are owed.

3. We buy nearly every type of real estate judgment lien you can name.

This includes mortgages, installment land contractors, mechanics liens, bankruptcy liens, tax liens, and a plethora of other types of judgments. Real estate judgments are our specialty, but we can work with any lien.

4. We buy from all sorts of sellers.

Whether you are an individual person, a small business owner, an accountant or lawyer, a bank, an estate, or any other group that is owed a debt, we’ll buy from you. We purchase liens for up to five million dollars, and always pay in cash.

Learn More Today

If you have a judgment lien on real estate that you would like to sell, contact us today by calling 303-388-6666. We are always happy to answer all of your questions with thorough, honest information that will help you understand exactly how this process works, and how it fits into the legal system. We’re ready to help you bypass all that red tape and get the cash you are owed today.

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