3 Things To Decide Before You Install a Fireplace

A beautiful fireplace can help your home feel warm, cozy and invite all winter long. If you have decided to pursue fireplace installation in West Michigan, you will probably want to take some steps to make sure that you get the most from your investment. When planning your lovely new addition, try to carefully consider the following three aspects.

1. Location

The first thing you may need to decide will be where your fireplace should go. Many homeowners choose to install hearths in areas that are commonly used for entertaining guests or spending quality time together as a family. Your den or living room may be the ideal location for your new fireplace.

2. Fuel

When you plan your fireplace installation in West Michigan, you will also need to make some practical decisions regarding the type of fuel that your new fireplace will burn. The best solution for your needs will probably depend on several factors. If you are confident in your ability to manage a wood fire, and if you expect to have regular access to firewood, a wood-burning furnace could be a good choice. Other appealing options will likely include gas, electric and more.

3. Appearance

In addition to practical advantages, your new fireplace should offer aesthetic benefits as well. When considering your options, try to think through the design, material, and style that would best serve your family’s needs. Reputable fireplace contractors should be able to help you choose the ideal material for your home. You can likely pick from options such as concrete, brick, stone and more. Visiting a hearth showroom may help you understand and evaluate your choices.

If you are planning a fireplace installation in West Michigan, you probably have many decisions to make. When choosing your new fireplace, try to carefully consider aspects such as fuel and appearance. Also, think through the best location for the useful and beautiful feature you are planning to add to your home. Contact Vander Wall Brothers to get more information.

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