The Advantages of Using Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Labels command the attention of the consumer. They also serve a variety of functions to help manufacturers and retailers perform their job with increased efficiency. One of the packaging technologies providing diverse advantages for consumer and retailer alike is pressure sensitive labels. If has become one of the most popular ways to their gaining favor.

What Is a Pressure Sensitive Label?

Pressure sensitive (P-s) labels consist five separate coatings including a durable top coating and an adhesive bottom layer. The labels bear the image or text of the individual product. This can be edible items, wine, pharmaceuticals or health and beauty products. The material, on which the label is printed in any shape, can one of three materials:

1. Paper

2. Film

3. Foil

The ink used can be regular or specialty. The printer can also create or add specific effects e.g. metallic stamps or even embossing.

Why Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels?

The preference for P-s labels lies in its diverse qualities. These labels possess the following advantages:

* Versatility – The labels suits many different products

* Flexible Options – P-s labels come in different shapes, sizes and combinations to attract consumers

* Surface Compatibility – They can adhere to any type of rigid packaging including not only flat surfaces but contoured ones as well. They will not pucker or wrinkle to these non-flat surfaces

* Container Congruity – Both rigid and squeezable containers are suitable for pressure sensitive labeling

* Ease of Application – They are applied in one step

* Speed of Application: This type of label is among the highest speed of applications for labels

* “No Label” Look: It provides containers with a very clear and superior no-label appearance

For manufacturers, while P-s labels present a few issues concerning sustainability, they do provide an efficient and cost-effective labelling solution. Overall, pressure sensitive labels are more cost-effective, particularly when you consider the down time for glue-applied labels, the speed of application and the overall functionality and versatility of this type of label.


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