How To Buy Swimming Pool Filters in Winchester VA

Many homeowners spend a lot of time trying to decide what type of pool they will have in the backyard. However, not as many give any thought to the type of Swimming Pool Filters Winchester VA that they will use with the pool. There are three different kinds of mainstream filters. Each one has its pros and cons.

* Sand filters are great for families that are on a budget and just want something that requires little thought to maintenance. Sand filters typically use #20 silica sand to filter out debris down to as little as 20 microns. The sand generally lasts about 7 years before needing replacement and only needs to be cleaned via backwashing. An above ground filter will cost about $25- while an in-ground filter will set the pool owner back about $650. The downsides of sand filters are that the backwashing does tend to waste a lot of water and they create a lot of pressure, so they are the least efficient of the three types of Swimming Pool Filters Winchester VA.

* Cartridge filters are exactly what they sound like. A cartridge filter inside of a large tank which filters by means of the cartridge. When the filter becomes clogged, the cartridge is simply removed and sprayed clean with a hose. The price range for theses types of filters will range from $450 to $850. The drawbacks of these filters are that they wear out after about three years and they are not recommended for large pools.

* Diatomaceous earth filters are the most efficient of the Swimming Pool Filters in Winchester VA and also filter out particles of the smallest size. However, they are also the most expensive and require the most maintenance. The drawbacks are the price which starts at $850 and the fact that the diatomaceous earth is carcinogenic in its powder form.

To inquire as to what type of filter would work best with the family’s budget and the level of maintenance that is desired from them, contact a professional pool company such as Al Shirley & Son Inc. They can assist the prospective buyer every step of the way and make sure they get exactly what they want.


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