Tips for Making Friends at Adult Retirement Communities in Spokane, WA

After evaluating several Adult Retirement Communities in Spokane WA, arrangements are made to move into a community that provides the right combination of amenities and convenience. Even so, the move will be difficult since it means leaving the former home, the neighbours, and other things that have been part of life for so long. The best way to make the most of the new arrangement is to make friends with others who also live in the community. Here are some of the reasons why this is so important.

Discovering Common Interests

There are bound to be at least a few other people in the community who have similar interests, backgrounds, and hobbies. Spending the day away from the common areas makes it almost impossible to find out who those other people happen to be. Make it a point to stroll around the grounds, stop by the clubhouse and, in general, be around other people. Some of those casual meetings could be all it takes to learn who loves to golf, when groups get together for Scrabble, and which ones regularly put together trips to local sporting events.

Getting Involved with Planned Activities

Keep abreast of what activities are planned for the community at large. Many Adult Retirement Communities in Spokane WA have activities directors who ensure there are several events happening each week. Some will be recurring while others are seasonal or one-off events to see how the residents like that type of activity. Identify one or two that seem to be of interest and get involved. Whether the activity itself turns out to be everything that the new person hoped, the odds of making a new friend or two are high.

Common Meals Work

Along with not having to cook, breaking bread with others who live in the community provides the chance to start learning names and participate in conversations. Some of those contacts will lead to chances to be included in everything from a game of cards to going shopping. Doing things with new friends is one of the best ways to turn that new living arrangement into a real home.

If the time has come to think about a new place to live, visit Orchard Crest Retirement Community and look around. One visit will be all it takes to realize this community is the ideal place to make new friends and still have time for old ones.


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