The Advantages Of Choosing Zebra Thermal Labels

The Zebra brand of thermal labels has been around for years, providing high-quality labels for barcode printing. They can be used with a direct thermal barcode printer as well as with the thermal transfer barcode printer.

These labels work with the printers to create crisp, clear barcode images on each of the Zebra thermal labels. This is critical as devices that read the barcodes require a correctly printed code in order to register the code and be able to read the data.

It is also important to realize that while these labels can be used for barcoding products, they can also be used for standard types of labeling as well. Any standard font can be applied to the thermal labels to provide a durable label for products, storage or for inventory organization.


For large companies, it isn’t uncommon to have both the direct and the thermal transfer barcode printers in use in a facility. This can create some issues as it will be essential to select the right Zebra thermal labels for the respective printer.

To address this issue, the Zebra thermal labels are available in different designs that can be used with both of the printers. This eliminates the issues with having employees use the incorrect printer with the label, reducing waste and also increasing productivity.


The thermal labels offered by Zebra are well-known for the quality of adhesive. The company uses a permanent acrylic adhesive on many of their label options, creating a durable, strong backing to the label that will last much longer than standard types of adhesives across a wide temperature and humidity range.

The front of the thermal labels may be coated or uncoated, depending on the printing needs and the requirement for the label. The company also offers their own line of printers, ribbons and printing supplies.


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