Are you looking for the best brand of hand dryers? Does your business need an upgrade? Do you want a hand dryer that can provide you with convenience and money saving opportunities? Choosing the right commercial hand dryer for your company may be time-consuming because there are just so many options. The various types and brands present you with many choices. There can be a few commercial hand dryers that will meet the specific needs of your company. The EXTREMEAIR GXT hand dryer is just one of many innovative and energy efficient hand dryers. This dryer is a popular choice that is also energy-efficient.

Adaptable Speed and Sound

You can adjust the speed and sound of the EXTREMEAIR GXT hand dryer. This way you can control how much energy you use. This type of hand dryer is perfect for a library, school, business, gym, or sports stadium.

Cost Effective

A hand dryer can save energy and money when compared to the cost of producing, using, and dispose of paper towels. Energy efficient hand dryers can even save significantly more energy and money when compared to just the standard hand dryer. Many hand dryers can now dry up to a hundred pairs of hands for the price of one paper towel. Most hand dryers also come with a warranty so that you can immediately receive replacement parts or a replacement dryer.

Environmentally Friendly

Top-of-the-line commercial hand dryers build products to match the rising demand for “green” technology. The EXTREMEAIR hand dryer has been on lists of the most environmentally-friendly products. It was deemed this because of the reduced waste that it produces when compared to similar hand dryers. This hand dryer also uses less energy and functions better, decreasing the maintenance costs and time spent repairing or replacing the products.
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