Take Your Passion for Boating and Make It a Business

If you love owning your own boat and taking it out on the water frequently, then it is time to turn your boat into a business. All it takes is registering online with a competent company with easy to use apps so you can create a profile and earn money. Boat captain jobs are the perfect way to make money while enjoying your passion. Of course, you will need a captain’s license and the ability to provide necessary information about your boat. Does doing what you love sound like the perfect way to earn money? Be sure to personalize your boat captain profile with plenty of pictures of your boat as well as a biography about yourself. It is important to be descriptive and explain all the amenities about your boat so you attract boat riders and get bookings.

Accommodate Your Boat Riders

One of the best parts of a boat ride is having a captain that accommodates boat riders. The more friendly and interactive you are with boat riders, the more likely they are to book a boat ride with you again. All you have to do is make yourself available by marking yourself active in the app so you are able to receive trip requests. Once you’ve been found, boat rides can be booked and paid for so you can start providing excellent boating services. Make sure to leave your options open and allow users to communicate type of activities they would like to do while on your boat. Once you have all the information required you can set your rate and charge them within the same app.

Become a Boat Captain Today

When you’re ready to become a boat captain, all you have to do is register, create an account and download the app. It is important that you have all of your documents ready including your captain’s license, boat registration, payment info and insurance verification. You set your own rates depending on the services required by boat riders and take 80% while HOBA gets the other 20%. Any tips that you earn using the app are 100% yours.


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