Aging and the SSDI Application Process

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Law Services


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Social Security Disability benefits may become more in reach as you age because the Social Security Administration (SSA) realizes that illness and injury recovery are more difficult after the age of 50, as are retraining and securing a job in a new field. A Wheaton SSDI lawyer can provide the necessary insight into your individual situation and help you to determine if you have a viable disability case.

How Will My Age Affect My Social Security Disability Claim?

The SSA classifies job duties into various levels and recognizes that even when an applicant over the age of 50 can perform sedentary tasks they may still not be able to work in a full-time capacity. As the potential recipient’s age increases, the threshold of task performance ability rises as well. For instance, performance that may disqualify an applicant in their 30s may be accepted as a disability for someone in their 50s. A Wheaton SSDI lawyer can provide the necessary guidance for you to better understand how aging affects the Social Security Disability application process.

Contributing Factors that Affect SSD Applications of Older Americans

A Wheaton SSDI lawyer can advise you on your particular case, and inform you of the differences that occur when applying for SSD after the age of 50. The SSA understands that even if you are able to retrain and perform successfully in a different occupation following injury or illness, there are not a lot of job prospects available for someone beginning a new career path in middle age. If your illness or injury is going to force you to find work in a new field, and you are age 50 or older, you may more easily qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

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