Getting Married on a Boat at St. Simons Island

Every bride is searching for the perfect venue for their wedding. It should be memorable, beautiful, and special. One type of wedding venue that can be spectacular is getting married on a boat in St. Simons Island.

Just imagine the sound of the waves gently lapping at the sides of the boat or the beautiful sunset as the backdrop. For those who love the water, a wedding on a boat is an irresistible choice.

Getting married on a boat at St. Simons Island can mark a memorable occasion. A wedding held on a privately chartered boat where the whole boat is at your disposal is something many brides dream of.

Many places that charter boats will offer different wedding packages for the bride-to-be. Packages range from the basic wedding to an all-out extravaganza. The cost of a traditional wedding is upwards of $40,000, and many boat weddings can be just a fraction of that cost.

When you tell someone, you are getting married on a boat, most people think of large cruise ships. However, there are many charter boat services that offer wedding packages. A boat wedding makes a more intimate wedding with just a handful of friends and family members.

If you charter a boat or yacht, then only you, your guests, and the crew will have access to the boat during the specified reserved time. Unlike a large cruise ship, you have the entire boat to yourselves.

Just consider the thrill of getting married on a boat in St. Simons Island. The captain and crew will make sure your wedding day is perfect. Your wedding will be a treat fondly remembered far more than a stuffy indoor wedding.

For the adventurous bride who loves the water, getting married on a boat in St. Simons Island is an irresistible choice!


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