Historic Tours of St. Simons Island

There are many historic tours around St. Simons Island, GA. St. Simons Island is located off the coast of Georgia and is known for its salt marshes and breathtaking sandy beaches. St. Simons is also regarded as one of the best beach towns in the United States.

The Golden Isles

St. Simons Island, located in the Golden Isles, is the largest barrier island in the area. The island was made prominent by the poet Sidney Lanier in his poem The Marshes of Glynn. Visitors to the island can tour the historic St. Simons Lighthouse Museum built in 1872 or Fort Frederica National Monument. In addition, one of Georgia’s oldest church is located on the island.

Historic Tours

St. Simons Island was the fishing grounds for more than two thousand years for Native Americans. Ever since St. Simons has been rich in historical events. Today, the area is family-friendly with many restaurants, a museum, golf course, and shopping.

Visitors can take a chartered boat for historic tours around St. Simons Island. It is the best way to see the area. Historic boat tours will take you around the island and near the historic lighthouse, the old Marshes of Glynn, and Fort Frederica which is full of archeological artifacts. Visitors can see how the natives lived and how the area flourished after the civil war.

Historic tours around St. Simons Island are perfect for history lovers, couples, and families. Boat tours are a relaxing and fun way to learn about the history of the area. Many of the chartered tours will also provide dinner and wine or a sunset cruise.

Next time you are in St. Simons, relax and take a boat ride back through history in a historic boat tour around St. Simons Island. Learn about the barrier islands and their history. You and your guests will have a great time.


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