Seeing an ENT in Bethlehem PA for Hearing Loss

An ENT in Bethlehem PA is a specially trained doctor who has been trained in all things ears, nose, and throat. They can have their own practice as well as in a hospital. ENT physicians perform special examinations and, for example, diagnose hearing loss.

They can also recommend therapies that treat hearing loss and independently advise patients about the need for hearing aids.

The tasks of an ENT physician

An ENT in Bethlehem PA is a specialist in the ears, nose, and throat. These include treatments for diseases of the larynx, pharynx, and the esophagus. ENT doctors are also called ear physicians because they are often sought by people with ear problems.

The ENT can identify diseases, health problems, malformations, injuries or wear and tear in the ear and suggest suitable solutions. The activity of an ENT physician often overlaps with those of other medical fields, such as aesthetic surgery, dermatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and neurology.

Deafness: a case for the ENT physician

In addition to typical injuries, malformations, and diseases of the head, the ENT doctor is also specialized in the diagnosis of hearing loss. For this purpose, he or she can perform various tests and examinations in their practice. For this purpose, they can also inform patients about hearing aids after he or she makes their assessment.

In this case, the ENT physician is obliged to give each patient a recommendation independently of the acoustician.

Diagnosing hearing loss

If a person suspects they have hearing loss and they decide to see an ENT, the doctor will ask the patient a few questions first. He or she then looks at the individual’s hearing to rule out clogging as a reason for the person’s hearing loss. This is achieved by a painless reflection of the auditory canal and can be repaired in the office.

In the next step, the ENT physician appears at various intervals in front of you and speaks. This allows the ear doctor to figure out the severity of the problem. Then, as a rule, technical methods such as a hearing test are used.

Depending on the assessment, different hearing tests can be used by the ENT physician. Visit for more details.


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