Understanding Pet Allergies in Evansville, IN

A person can develop a new allergy at any time. When it is suspected that this allergy is related to a family pet, all family members could be devastated. They may believe the animal must be removed from the home. Before taking any drastic steps, however, a person needs to understand Pet Allergies in Evansville IN and the treatment options available. Removing the pet from home should always be the last resort.

Signs of a Pet Allergy

A pet allergy occurs when a person becomes allergic to the proteins that are present in the urine, saliva or skin cells of an animal. Many people mistake the symptoms for hay fever, as they tend to be very similar. This includes a runny nose, sneezing, and postnasal drip. A cough and itchy throat and/or nose are also signs a person has an allergy to an animal, and the same is true of facial pressure and pain. For some individuals, the symptoms contribute to asthma attacks they are experiencing also. Although a person can find they are allergic to any animal that has fur, the most common allergies are those associated with cats and dogs.

Treating the Allergies

Antihistamines and decongestants may be enough for some people who suffer from a pet allergy. In addition, a doctor may recommend a nasal steroid for people who are allergic to their pet, and allergy shots may be an option also. However, there are certain steps that should be taken in the home to reduce the symptoms while allowing the pet to stay. Remove the carpet and drapes, as they can house the dander that people are allergic to. In addition, clean every day to keep the dander at bay, and keep the pet confined to a particular area to minimize the spread of allergens. These are only a few of several lifestyles changes that can be of help.

Before taking drastic measures, such as giving away a beloved pet, families should consider all options. The above remedies are often of help to people in this situation. If they aren’t effective or don’t provide the desired level of relief, it’s time to call on a doctor who treats Pet Allergies in Evansville IN. Schedule an appointment today so your furry friend can remain at home without having a negative impact on your health. Many people will find accomplishing this goal is easier than they expected.


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