Exploring the Features of eaton ups systems for Wisconsin Businesses

Does your business have high power demand (like communications centers or military applications)? If you are looking for the best uninterruptible power supply for your Wisconsin organization, eaton ups systems have much to offer. In fact, the FERRUPS TOWER system will give your business a number of advantages. Let’s take a closer look at this system to see what it can do for you.

Power When Needed

Just about any AC power source can be used for powering computer systems when you have this high-quality uninterruptible power supply. For example, you can use a wide range of generators, and the UPS keeps the voltage at a specific level at all times.

Eliminate Harmonics

Some kinds of equipment can distort electric current going to your sensitive equipment. This disturbance is called harmonic currents, and they can cause you some major problems. For example, harmonics can cause some equipment in Wisconsin to overheat and can affect electric motors and motor control equipment, causing damage. eaton ups systems prevent these currents and keep your power system running smoothly, protecting your equipment. In fact, thanks to ferroresonance properties, the frequency is protected from a number of issues.

More Features

  • Power protection and conditioning does not require battery power. This gives you full power for times that you need it. Also, the units come with external cabinets for batteries to give you added backup power time.
  • Network protection – when you buy FERRUPS TOWER eaton ups systems you receive software programs designed to protect your networks.
  • Versatility – you can customize your receptacles and switches to match your needs.
  • Common voltages are 120, 208, and 240.
  • Choose power ratings as low as 500-volt-amps or 18-kilovolt amps

Your Eaton power supplier can show all the benefits and specs, and help you choose the right system for your Wisconsin company.


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