Reasons to Buy Glasses at Optical Stores in New York City Instead of Buying Online

Many of today’s consumers rely on the internet for purchasing everything from food to toothpaste, and let’s face it: buying online is often just more convenient. However, when it comes to purchasing things like eyeglasses, it’s usually a better idea to head to Optical Stores in New York City instead of buying online. Read on to find out why.

Perfect Fit

Glasses don’t just have to match a person’s prescription perfectly in order to be functional. They also have to fit the wearer’s face, which requires several different types of accurate measurements. Only an optician will be able to accurately size and fit his or her customers’ glasses so that they’ll be comfortable enough to wear all day.

Professional Help

Opticians don’t just take facial measurements. They also offer their customers professional advice and assistance throughout the process, helping to ensure that they will walk away with glasses that they love. When ordering online, customers are left to figure it all out for themselves, which can be overwhelming.

Complimentary Style

When shopping in traditional Optical Stores in New York City, customers can simply try on different pairs of glasses until they find the ones that best complement their unique facial features. When buying online, this option simply isn’t available. While some sites do allow customers to upload images of themselves and superimpose images of the frames they like on top of these pictures, it just isn’t the same thing as heading to the store and trying them on in person.

Bifocals and Progressive Lenses

Customers who require bifocals or progressive lenses will find that buying glasses that match their prescriptions online is next to impossible. This is because fitting multifocal lenses requires that extra measurements are taken and an extra prescription added to the lens. Plus, there are many different styles of multifocal lens available, which further complicates the buying process and really requires an extensive conversation with a knowledgeable optician.

Get Help Today

Want to find a fantastic local optical shop that offers a wide variety of lens options and frames and is dedicated to helping its customers achieve the perfect look and the perfect fit? Check out Charlotte Jones Opticians online or simply head over to view their inventory in person today.


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