The Importance Of Visiting East Side Opticians

In New York, eye patients are encouraged to schedule eye exams at least every two years. If they have more complex eye conditions, they may be required to visit the doctor once a year to minimize risks. The following are details about the importance of visiting East Side Opticians.

Correcting Vision Impairments

The eye doctor will assess the patient to determine if they have any existing visions impairments. They will conduct a standard test in which the patient will review a reading chart to determine their vision level. The doctor will provide them with a variety of lens to determine which option is best suited for each patient. If the patient requires glasses, the eye doctor will provide them with corrective lens and the frames of their choice. If they prefer, the eye doctor can fit them for contact lens.

Examining the Eyes for Diseases

The eye doctor will also test the patient for common eye diseases. They include glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and cataracts. If the patient has these conditions, they may require surgical procedures to correct them. If the patient has glaucoma, they may need more than one surgery to correct it if possible.

Assessments for Premature Children

Premature children are often provided oxygen until they are able to leave the hospital. Extended exposure to the oxygen can lead to serious eye damage. For children that are several months premature, there is a higher probability of retinopathy prematurity. In this condition, the retina is detached and the child is legally blind in one or both eyes.

Conditions Associated with Age

As patients age, they are at a higher risk of permanent blindness. They can also develop multiple cataracts that limit vision. They are also at a higher risk of developing degenerative diseases that lead to the complete detachment of the retina.

In New York, eye patients must undergo eye examinations to determine any vision-related issues. These exams enable eye doctors to review the vision and provide corrective lens to improve the eyesight. The exams also determine if the patient has any serious vision risks. Patients who want to acquire an exam with East Side Opticians can contact Charlotte Jones Opticians today.


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