Why Now Is the Best Time to Buy Eclipse Glasses

After the total solar eclipse in 2017, many Americans are already planning on viewing the next one. Thankfully, people from around the world can look forward to several total solar eclipses within the next several years. The enjoyment of a total and even a partial solar eclipse is unparalleled, but you need to buy eclipse glasses to enjoy the show.

Eclipse glasses need to be worn at all stages of a partial eclipse. Only during the exact moment of totality is it safe to remove your eclipse glasses. This of course means that the eclipse glasses you purchase can be used again and again as long as you keep them stored safely. However, you do need to be careful about where you buy your eclipse glasses. Not all eclipse glasses manufacturers make theirs to ISO specifications, and not all eclipse glasses are safe. Do not take any chances with your eyes, as you could suffer permanent damage if you buy the wrong pair of eclipse classes.

You can rely on eclipse glasses purchased from vendors that test and certify their products, such as Eclipse Glasses by American Paper Optics. When you see the ISO certification, you know that the eclipse glasses are safe to use. Many people are already buying their eclipse glasses now, in preparation for the next partial and total solar eclipses. Buying the eclipse glasses now, you avoid disappointment. Several eclipse glasses vendors sold out in the days and weeks prior to the 2017 eclipse, leading many Americans to scramble to find a reliable pair.

Especially when you are planning an eclipse viewing party or company event, it is important to order eclipse glasses early. Special eclipse glasses with unique logos, designs and colors can be created, but they do need to be ordered in advance. A little advanced preparation and planning can make your next eclipse party unforgettable.


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