Ratio Utility Billing Is A More Convenient And Water-Conserving Solution

For many people, being able to see exactly how much water has been used is highly important. In recent years, the cost of water usage has gone up, especially in certain areas of the country. Lowering the water bills by using less water is a great idea, especially for people who own apartment complexes with a lot of tenants using water. There are a few different ways in which you can encourage conservation of water, as well as accurately billing each tenant based on how much they have used. One of the best of these ways is ratio utility billing.

How Does Ratio Utility Billing Work?

If you only have one water meter to measure the water usage for your entire building, this can prevent a problem when multiple tenants are splitting the water bill. How can you solve this dilemma and charge everyone fairly, if submetering is not an option? Ratio utility billing may just be the perfect solution. It relies on various factors, including the amount of water that has been used, the number of tenants living in the building and the square footage of the building, to calculate an extremely accurate depiction on how much water each tenant has used and therefore, how much each tenant should pay.

Benefits Of Getting A Ratio Utility Billing System

The data readings that a ratio utility billing system measures are put online. You as the landlord can see the readings, and each tenant can see their own. This can encourage everyone to use a little less water, thus bringing down the amount they have to pay on their bills, as well as saving water and making a better impact on the environment. Each of your tenants will be automatically billed online, which you will probably find to be much more convenient.


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