DIY or Pro? 3 Questions to Ask Before Painting Your Walls

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Painting Services


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Painting your home is an excellent home improvement project. Instead of spending a lot on a remodel, try getting a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Thinking about taking up the brush and doing it on your own? Here are several things you’ll want to consider so you’ll know if it’s better to DIY it or hire painting contractors in Memphis instead:

Do you have a tall home?

If you plan on painting your exterior walls, that’s going to be difficult—not to mention risky if you have 2 or 3 floors. If you have a taller, older home, it would be better to hire a pro. Caldwell Painting offers professional painting services. It’s also the home of the 5-year warranty which is handy.

Is your home intricately designed?

If your walls, floors or roof have been ornately designed, it’s going to be tough for an amateur to really get into those nooks and crannies. You’ll need specialized equipment and tools to get the job done. Better leave it in the hands of pros. Hire painting contractors in Memphis if you don’t want a mess on your hands.

Are the walls in good condition?

If the walls have sustained a bit of damage over the years, it would be better to scout around for pros that offer interior and exterior painting services. Also, don’t try to paint over peeling paint, The Street says. If you do, the second coat you’ll apply won’t last you more than months. That’s because the paint won’t properly adhere to the surface. Don’t want to spend money on prematurely applying a new coat? Look for painting companies and put in a call for an appointment. Leave it in their hands instead. They’ll know what to do to properly prep your walls so the paint job will last longer.

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